Wiring Harness | Wiring Harnesses | Automotive Wiring Harness | manufacturer supplier Wholesale Distributors OEM ODM-wiringharness.org Wiring Harness manufacturer and Wiring Harnesses supplier also Wholesale Distributors OEM ODM-over 5,880 ,Automotive Wiring Harness,Wire Harness Assembly,Wire Harness Connectors buyers around the world at wiringharness.org http://www.wiringharness.org/ Fri, 19 Oct 2018 17:38:40 -0600 Airbag Harness <img src='productpic/ps_v8v1452587709.jpg' /><br>Air Bag<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww"> An airbag is a vehicle safety device. It is a type of occupant restraint system that consists of a flexible fabric bag, also known as an airbag cushion. The airbag module is designed to inflate rapidly then quickly deflate during a collision or impact with another object or a sudden deceleration. The purpose of the airbag is to provide occupant protection and restraint during a crash event. Since it is safety issue, general using yellow housing to identify. </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/airbag-harness.html Airbag Harness http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_v8v1452587709.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/airbag-harness.html Main Harness <img src='productpic/ps_8dlt1452587744.JPG' /><br><div id="ggww"> Instrument harness, the user via switch and control panel to control and setting the Multimedia and electronic equipment. The main function is car audio, digital television, Radio, GPS, touch panel of multimedia, guidance system, RGB housing and radio DVD, etc... </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/main-harness.html Main Harness http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_8dlt1452587744.JPG http://www.wiringharness.org/main-harness.html Engine Harness <img src='productpic/ps_t8sn1452587777.jpg' /><br>EGI Harness<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww">EGI harness that we known as the heart to a car automotive and controls the most of the key function inside the engine. And the relative function including the Water Temperature sensors, Air pipe sensors, Oil controller gate, Pressure sensor, Transmission plug housing, engine controller and all other engine sensors are all need to combine and link together with this must have wiring set.</div> http://www.wiringharness.org/engine-harness.html Engine Harness http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_t8sn1452587777.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/engine-harness.html Body Wiring Harness <img src='productpic/ps_sg051452587808.jpg' /><br>Body Harness<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww">Body wiring harness set that applied to variety car marker are as known as different name like BODY Harness or Floor Harness for vary system and the key function is to play as the connection between head of car to the other half tail of the Automobile. The wiring sets will mostly be the wire to wire type of connection and relative function will including Back Sonar system, Radio and Din cable contact areas, Telephone with navigation connection, HDMI video, speaker use link as an example.</div> http://www.wiringharness.org/body-wiring-harness.html Body Wiring Harness http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_sg051452587808.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/body-wiring-harness.html Battery Harness <img src='productpic/ps_hi161452587888.jpg' /><br>Battery Cable<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww">Battery Cable and Battery Harness sets are the connecting bridge between the engine and all other device inside the Car and provide the main power and give enough energy to all other unit that inside the Automotive and make them function and operate while engine start.</div> http://www.wiringharness.org/battery-harness.html Battery Harness http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_hi161452587888.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/battery-harness.html Door Wiring Harness <img src='productpic/ps_hhu31452587924.JPG' /><br>Door Harness<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww">Door harnesses are located inside the car doors for 4 or 5 door that could control the thought the bottom on the door. And the most important one is located at the Driver side door inside the car that controls the majority of function like Speaker, Power, door lock and window lock with more circuits.</div> http://www.wiringharness.org/door-wiring-harness.html Door Wiring Harness http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_hhu31452587924.JPG http://www.wiringharness.org/door-wiring-harness.html Roof Harness <img src='productpic/ps_4kyy1452587968.JPG' /><br><div id="ggww"> Roof harness wiring set that located on the top of the car and control the function that set from the roof and the function including the top Sunroof window and it's motor, front and rear lamp function, mirror light both for Driver and Passenger side. And other connection will goes to the instrumental panel for the link together. </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/roof-harness.html Roof Harness http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_4kyy1452587968.JPG http://www.wiringharness.org/roof-harness.html Front Wiring Harness <img src='productpic/ps_a2ox1452588002.JPG' /><br>Front Harness<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww"> Front harness wiring assembly that connect with the engine side from the internal of engine to the room inside the cars and main function will be cooler fan, Air Conditioner Fan, Switch of engine cover, controller engine, sensor for current power, sensor of environment temperature, sensor of pedal and speed limit, sensor of Oxygen and all other function sensors as well. </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/front-wiring-harness.html Front Wiring Harness http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_a2ox1452588002.JPG http://www.wiringharness.org/front-wiring-harness.html Shielded Cable <img src='productpic/ps_b01w1452588111.jpg' /><br>Shield Cable<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww"> <ol> <li> Using as signal transmission and it could cut off static. </li> <li> The shield wire consists of conductor, insulator, shield and other filling material. </li> <li> Depending on the number of core to separate into solid wire, stranded wire and so on. </li> <li> Wire species: Aluminum film tape, copper film tape and so on. </li> <li> Applied to automotive, car electronic appliances, etc. </li> </ol> </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/shielded-cable.html Shielded Cable http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_b01w1452588111.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/shielded-cable.html Cross Link Wire <img src='productpic/ps_oc6z1452588146.jpg' /><br>Cross Linking / X-Ray Wire<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww"> <ol> <li> Cross linking/ X-ray wire is changed the molecular construction of insulator with cross linking irradiating to promote the burning-resistant/ heat-resistant of wire. </li> <li> The wire is composed of conductor and insulator. It could be separated to solid wire, stranded wire and so forth. </li> <li> There are many wire species, such as: AEX, GXL, TXL, SXL, etc. </li> <li> To use for the high temperature part, like engine bay, lamp and so on. </li> </ol> </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/cross-link-wire.html Cross Link Wire http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_oc6z1452588146.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/cross-link-wire.html Automotive Wire <img src='productpic/ps_bho31452588237.jpg' /><br>Wire For Automobile<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww"> <ol> <li> Most wire species: AV, AVS, AVSS, CAVS and so forth. The heat tolerance: 80℃ </li> <li> Characteristic: Heat-resistant, oil-resistant and wear-resistant. </li> <li> Conductor is made twisted copper wire and insulator has many colors to be chosen. Furthermore, it could be used the double color wire to distinguish to prevent from mixing. </li> <li> If it needs to resistant high temperature, it will have to choose another cross linking/ X-ray wire species. </li> </ol> </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/automotive-wire.html Automotive Wire http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_bho31452588237.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/automotive-wire.html Battery Cable <img src='productpic/ps_u0hp1452588317.jpg' /><br>Cable<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww"><ol> <li> To connect with automotive battery to start a car and charge the battery. According to the battery polarity, it is divided into positive electrode and negative electrode. </li> <li> Wire species: EB (jacket thickness: 0.6mm) and HEB (jacket thickness: 1.1~1.5mm) </li> <li> Since the cable need to withstand the current capacity from the battery directly, the cable size has 5.0㎟~50㎟ and permissible current is 50A~220A. </li> </ol></div> http://www.wiringharness.org/battery-cable.html Battery Cable http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_u0hp1452588317.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/battery-cable.html Motor Wiring Harness <img src='productpic/ps_xs2v1452590473.jpg' /><br>Motor Wire<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww"> For Motor wiring harness that applied to Automotive, Motorcycle, scooter and Generators that including the application to Taiwan Made big brand makers like Honda Motorcycle, SanYang Scooter etc are part of our end customer and users of the wiring set. </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/motor-wiring-harness.html Motor Wiring Harness http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_xs2v1452590473.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/motor-wiring-harness.html Car Wiring Harness <img src='productpic/ps_qi01452590526.jpg' /><br>Wafer Harness<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww">The PCBA header use connection of wiring sets, are applied and must need components to the universal type of car equipment. For example the special type of Electric Vehicle cars like Luxgen brand are using a lot of PEU module equipment and introduce some of the PCBA assembly and Header use type of wiring.</div> http://www.wiringharness.org/car-wiring-harness.html Car Wiring Harness http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_qi01452590526.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/car-wiring-harness.html Fuse Box Wiring Harness <img src='productpic/ps_nzqs1452590555.jpg' /><br>Box Harness<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww"> Fuse box assembly wiring sets that applied to Automotive cars are popular to connecting with self-optional systems like Car Alarm and Guard system, Car Electronics wiring and also we are able to cooperate with customer to design in (as ODM) the special request fuse box with assign function that customer need. </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/fuse-box-wiring-harness.html Fuse Box Wiring Harness http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_nzqs1452590555.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/fuse-box-wiring-harness.html Custom Wiring Harness <img src='productpic/ps_jm2n1452590579.jpg' /><br>Wiring Harness<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww"> Customized wiring harness sets for After Market service areas and special optional type of wire set will be available and open to discuss the direction of development or amortized the tooling and equipment for narrow and niche market upon request. </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/custom-wiring-harness.html Custom Wiring Harness http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_jm2n1452590579.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/custom-wiring-harness.html Waterproof Connector <img src='productpic/ps_xnlx1452590651.jpg' /><br><div id="ggww"> Waterproof Connector connect the&nbsp; harness together with other components for each function structure.<br /> The outer side of vehicle requires complicated waterproof structure so it normally used to outer side together with seal and dummy seal to avoid the leaking to effect the function.<br /> Type: 025, 030, 050, 060, 070, 090, 110, 187, 250, 312 </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/waterproof-connector.html Waterproof Connector http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_xnlx1452590651.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/waterproof-connector.html Automotive Wire Connectors <img src='productpic/ps_6hi11452590698.JPG' /><br>Non-waterproof Connectors<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww">If there is no demand for waterproof, we suggest to use this type of connector. It is mainly applied to the inner room of the car. Since the volume is smaller, if there is space problem when designing, this connector type will be priority to be recommended. <br /> Main type: 025、030、040、050、060、110、187、250、312, etc.</div> http://www.wiringharness.org/automotive-wire-connectors.html Automotive Wire Connectors http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_6hi11452590698.JPG http://www.wiringharness.org/automotive-wire-connectors.html Wafer Connector <img src='productpic/ps_cp4w1452590738.jpg' /><br>Wafer Header &amp; Joint Connector<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww"> Wafer Connector is normally indicated to the housing that has big base or fix the male pin and its function is to connect with the PC board. Generally, this type of connector has notch to position and fix. It has better stability than general pin header. </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/wafer-connector.html Wafer Connector http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_cp4w1452590738.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/wafer-connector.html Diode Connector <img src='productpic/ps_bib1452590766.JPG' /><br>Diode<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww"> Diode is the double electrode component with the asymmetrical conductivity. The both electrode (positive and negative) of an ideal diode has infinitesimal resistance when forward conducting and gigantic resistance when backward conducting. That means the current is only allowed to flow to diode in one direction. </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/diode-connector.html Diode Connector http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_bib1452590766.JPG http://www.wiringharness.org/diode-connector.html Cable Tie Clips <img src='productpic/ps_m4f1456208706.jpg' /><br>Band Clip<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww">Feature: Bundle the band clips on the harness, and the head of clip can be inserted into the panel hole as the way of fixation for the harness to a body. Avoid or reduce the noise when shaking or moving.<br /> The clip is including a body, so it can be tied on the wire harness directly and doesn't need other tool or taping to fix on the wire harness.<br /></div> http://www.wiringharness.org/cable-tie-clips.html Cable Tie Clips http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_m4f1456208706.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/cable-tie-clips.html Wire Harness Clips <img src='productpic/ps_h3x1456208715.jpg' /><br>Clip<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww"> <ol> <li> Multiple selections: There are different types of clip can be selected and used according to the thickness or angle. </li> <li> For the kinds of material, there are metal and plastics can be selected and used. </li> <li> For the types of shape, there are straight type, T type and L type can be selected and used. </li> <li> It usually uses PVC tape to firm the clip on the wire harness, and the clip insert to the car body to be fixed that reduce the noise when car's moving. </li> </ol> </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/wire-harness-clips.html Wire Harness Clips http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_h3x1456208715.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/wire-harness-clips.html Retainer Clip <img src='productpic/ps_s1c61456208732.jpg' /><br>Conn Clip<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww"><ol> <li> Conn clip type is a kind of clip that suits with a connector which designed with ditch, the Conn clip meet the connector, and the clip's head insert into the car body or match the compound connector; it can be a firmed function and avoid moving inside the car. </li> <li> There are different shapes and specifics could be chosen, according to the dimension size and structures at the match side. </li> <li> There are many kind of merchandise offering in Conn clip products, according to the connector size and structure, even in the ditch's thickness or length. </li> </ol></div> http://www.wiringharness.org/retainer-clip.html Retainer Clip http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_s1c61456208732.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/retainer-clip.html Wiring Harness Clip <img src='productpic/ps_7csg1456208722.jpg' /><br>Corrugated Clip<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww"><ol> <li> Corrugated clip is using on the PVC corrugated tube and match each other to be firmed and avoid moving. And using the ditch on the clip to insert to the car body and wire harness be firmed. </li> <li> It use in wire harness which is much more heavy and including the PVC tube. </li> <li> There are several kinds of products in corrugated clip, according to the outside dimension size of PVC tube and the inside of dimension size of corrugated clip to be matched. It might be loose or difficult to install if the clip size is too large or small. </li> </ol></div> http://www.wiringharness.org/wiring-harness-clip.html Wiring Harness Clip http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_7csg1456208722.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/wiring-harness-clip.html Cable Clips <img src='productpic/ps_xnk1456208738.jpg' /><br>Other Clip<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww"><ol> <li> This kind of clip has many special structures depending to the different demands of wire harness and function. For example, the trapezoid clip will firm on the harness by PVC tape with a ring metal clip, and then screw it on the car body. </li> <li> There are trapezoid type, W type, three way type...etc. </li> <li> W type and three way type are use for collecting and firm wires. </li> </ol></div> http://www.wiringharness.org/cable-clips.html Cable Clips http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_xnk1456208738.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/cable-clips.html Wire Harness Protector <img src='productpic/ps_b2n1456210904.JPG' /><br>Protector (Car model: GPS/ GPK)<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww"> There are some automobile wire harness has the specific angle, it can be using this kind of protector and fix it on the plated to protect the wire harness should not interfere other plates or the failure function or damage from other actuation. </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/wire-harness-protector.html Wire Harness Protector http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_b2n1456210904.JPG http://www.wiringharness.org/wire-harness-protector.html Wiring Harness Bracket <img src='productpic/ps_iv9m1456210952.jpg' /><br>Bracket Protector (Car model: MV)<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww">It is used in engine room wire harness for the car model MV of Luxgen brand.<br /> These protectors are connecting and mating the connector HTH32MW-NH (SWS P/N:6098-5289) to protect the joint area not to collide, fall off. And it also can be fixed on plate.</div> http://www.wiringharness.org/wiring-harness-bracket.html Wiring Harness Bracket http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_iv9m1456210952.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/wiring-harness-bracket.html Wiring Harness Protector <img src='productpic/ps_y2961456210995.JPG' /><br>Protector Assy (Car model: JA)<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww">It is used in the engine room wire harness for  TEANA (JA car model) of Taiwan Nissan. The protector of electrical injection system and the front covers are used together in the main wire harness and branch wire harness to protect the harness not to collide and fixed the direction.</div> http://www.wiringharness.org/wiring-harness-protector.html Wiring Harness Protector http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_y2961456210995.JPG http://www.wiringharness.org/wiring-harness-protector.html Wiring Bracket <img src='productpic/ps_btzh1456211029.JPG' /><br>Protector (Car model: MV)<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww">This parts are used in the ASSIST wire harness for MV car model of Luxgen.<br /> The protector is used together with the  tape in main wire harness and branch wire harness to protect the harness. The function is that it is not to collide and fixed the direction on the panel.</div> http://www.wiringharness.org/wiring-bracket.html Wiring Bracket http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_btzh1456211029.JPG http://www.wiringharness.org/wiring-bracket.html Wire Holder <img src='productpic/ps_wx8c1456211057.jpg' /><br>Bracket Protector (Car model: RE)<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww">This parts are used in MN210, MN211, HARN-I/PNL ASSY for New Outlander of Mitsubishi Motor. Connect and assembly the connectors together with the protectors to protect joints area not to collide and  fall off. And it also can be fixed on plate.</div> http://www.wiringharness.org/wire-holder.html Wire Holder http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_wx8c1456211057.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/wire-holder.html Harness Bracket <img src='productpic/ps_a2a1456211082.jpg' /><br>Bracket Protector (Car model: B02A)<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww">These bracket are used to the body harness inside the chassis of the car and the car model named "B02A" for the part number 24014 which is for TAIWAN NISSAN. The function of the bracket could protect the joint area between connector and bracket to avoid fall of.<br /></div> http://www.wiringharness.org/harness-bracket.html Harness Bracket http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_a2a1456211082.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/harness-bracket.html Harness Brackets <img src='productpic/ps_hdgr1456211105.jpg' /><br>Bracket Protector (Car model: X-TRAIL)<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww"> These brackets are used to the chassis which is closed to door of automobile, body harness, engine room harness and inside instrument apply for market name X-TRAIL of Taiwan Nissan. The function of the bracket could protect the joint area and more fixed on the panel. </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/harness-brackets.html Harness Brackets http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_hdgr1456211105.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/harness-brackets.html Wire Bracket <img src='productpic/ps_krhy1456211173.jpg' /><br>Bracket Protector (Car model: B12D/ TIIDA/ SUPER SENTRA)<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww"> Car model: B12D/ TIIDA/ SUPER SENTRA<br /> <br /> These brackets are used to the chassis which is closed to door harness of automobile and use for joint area between chassis harness and engine room harness. Apply for market name TIIDA and SUPER SENTRA of Taiwan Nissan. Also It has double lock function.<br /> </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/wire-bracket.html Wire Bracket http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_krhy1456211173.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/wire-bracket.html Battery Terminal <img src='productpic/ps_031456208805.jpg' /><br><div id="ggww"> <ol> <li> Battery terminal, there are two types, one is with wire but without screw (needs crimping the terminal and wire) and the another one is without wire but with screw (battery terminal screw solid lock on battery directly, the wire is activity) </li> <li> The main raw material can be brass(C2680) and copper(C1100). </li> <li> According to capacity of electric current, the main thickness are 1.22mm and 1.66mm and so on. </li> </ol> </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/battery-terminal.html Battery Terminal http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_031456208805.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/battery-terminal.html Crimp Terminals <img src='productpic/ps_skyr1456208692.jpg' /><br><div id="ggww"> <ol> <li> Crimp terminal is packed by reel, it is a convenient and effective product for mass production. </li> <li> The function of crimp terminal is as a carrier between signal or electric current, it needs to arrange in pairs of connector in order to protect it and prevent the short circuit. </li> <li> Crimp terminal apply to products of vehicle/ home appliances/ electric products. </li> </ol> </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/crimp-terminals.html Crimp Terminals http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_skyr1456208692.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/crimp-terminals.html Ring Terminal <img src='productpic/ps_f99r1456208794.jpg' /><br>Ring Type / O Type/ R Type<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww"><ol> <li> Ring terminal also called "Ground terminal", it's as a carrier for release the extra electric current to prevent leakage or machines break down. </li> <li> Ring terminal has the different dimension size designed depends on the specifications of ground. </li> <li> According to the locked locations, there are straight type, left L type, right L type, top L type, and bottom L type. </li> <li> Ring terminal use screw to firm up, it can avoid the product inactive when fall off situation happened. </li> </ol></div> http://www.wiringharness.org/ring-terminal.html Ring Terminal http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_f99r1456208794.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/ring-terminal.html Terminal Bracket <img src='productpic/ps_9gcw1456208852.jpg' /><br>Bracket Terminal<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww"><ol> <li> The function of bracket is in order to assist the large size of connector (like relay box or fuse box, etc..) to firm on the car body, it can prevent the unstable situation happened on accessories. </li> <li> There are several type can be used, it depends on the different connectors or locking angle. </li> <li> It can be used in car engine room where with the relay box or fuse box. </li> </ol></div> http://www.wiringharness.org/terminal-bracket.html Terminal Bracket http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_9gcw1456208852.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/terminal-bracket.html Mini Fuse Box <img src='productpic/ps_wdk01452590899.jpg' /><br><div id="ggww"> Feature:<br /> <ul> <li> Use mini fuse type. </li> <li> It suits in vehicles and ia products. </li> <li> It can be fixed by clip or bracket. </li> <li> The design has funcation of standby spare fuse. </li> <li> The space of fuse box is smaller. </li> <li> Fuse puller can be pick up and replace. </li> <li> The circuit design for single terminals, double serial terminals and triple serial terminals. </li> </ul> <br /> Part No.<br /> HF/B-2P-S<br /> HF/B-PS<br /> HF/B-10P-S-M<br /> HF/B-20P-S-M </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/mini-fuse-box.html Mini Fuse Box http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_wdk01452590899.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/mini-fuse-box.html Fuse Block <img src='productpic/ps_959x1452590943.jpg' /><br>Slow Blow Fuse Box<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww"> Part No.<br /> HF/L1PBOX-DETX<br /> H7124-2480<br /> HF/B-2P-SBF<br /> HF/LBOXHF-M2<br /> HF/L3PBOX-DETX<br /> HF/L3PBOX-SDX<br /> HF/B-4P-SBF-A1<br /> HF/B-4P-SBF-A2<br /> HF/B-4P-SBF-A3<br /> HF/B-4P-SBF-A4<br /> HF/L4PBOX-DETX<br /> <br /> Feature:<br /> <ul> <li> Use slow blow fuses. </li> <li> The circuit design for single terminals and bus bar series. </li> <li> It can be fixed by bracket or clip. </li> <li> The block can match with other block together for more fuse quantity. </li> <li> There are many accessories to apply depend on customer's demand, like clip, cover, fuse holder, bracket, connector, terminal, bus bar, etc. </li> </ul> </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/fuse-block.html Fuse Block http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_959x1452590943.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/fuse-block.html Auto Fuse Box <img src='productpic/ps_zvga1452590977.jpg' /><br><div id="ggww"> Feature:<br /> <ul> <li> Use auto fuse type. </li> <li> It can be stored the spare fuse in the fuse box. </li> <li> The 2P fuse box can assemble with other fuse box together for more fuse quantity. </li> <li> Ampere rating: 1A~40A </li> </ul> <br /> Part No.<br /> HF/B-2P<br /> H/F-8P-M<br /> HBOX/BCM66<br /> HF/B-DE-M<br /> <br /> Accessories<br /> H/F-8P-C (COVER)<br /> HBOX/CCM66 (COVER)<br /> HF/B-DE99-CX (COVER) </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/auto-fuse-box.html Auto Fuse Box http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_zvga1452590977.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/auto-fuse-box.html Automotive Fuse Box <img src='productpic/ps_hgil1452591016.jpg' /><br>Hybird Type Fuse Box<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww">Feature:<br /> <ul> <li> Apply for mini fuse, fuse link &amp; relay type. </li> <li> Fuse puller can be pick up and replace the mini fuse. </li> <li> The block can match with other block together for more fuse quantity. </li> </ul> <br /> Part No.and accessories<br /> HF/B-20P-S-M (FUSE BOX)<br /> HF/B-20P-S-C (COVER)<br /> HF/B-20P-S-C1 (BRACKET-1)<br /> HF/B-20P-S-C2 (BRACKET-2)<br /> HMR324710 (RELAY)<br /> CHMR324710 (PANEL CLIP)<br /> HMR268575-J/B (FUSE PULLER)<br /> <br /> HF/LBOXP-CAR-M1<br /> HF/LBOXP-CAR-R/C<br /> HF/LBOXP-CAR-BRKT<br /> HF/LBOXP-CAR-C1<br /> HF/LBOXP-CAR-S<br /> H2438531U24<br /> HF/LP-CAR-M2</div> http://www.wiringharness.org/automotive-fuse-box.html Automotive Fuse Box http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_hgil1452591016.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/automotive-fuse-box.html Fuse Junction Box <img src='productpic/ps_uom61456210194.JPG' /><br>Junction/ Fuse Box<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww"> This junction box is including the terminal junction block, fuse box and relay box which apply to the car model RT50 for GM, ISUZU in Egypt. It is injection and assembly by <!--{$companyname}--> directly with complex and specialized package to avoid the damage from transportation. </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/fuse-junction-box.html Fuse Junction Box http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_uom61456210194.JPG http://www.wiringharness.org/fuse-junction-box.html Car Junction Box <img src='productpic/ps_o0mz1456210245.JPG' /><br>Junction Box<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww"> This automobile junction box concentrated the fuse box and junction box assembly, the layout of fuse sockets compact the layout of relay sockets in order to save the space and enhancing the functionality of the junction box at the same time. </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/car-junction-box.html Car Junction Box http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_o0mz1456210245.JPG http://www.wiringharness.org/car-junction-box.html Automotive Junction Box <img src='productpic/ps_g13p1456210264.JPG' /><br>Junction Box<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww">Apply to the car name MARCH of Taiwan Nissan. This junction box is usually assembled and connecting the wire, relay, connectors, other related electronic components / accessories together with the electrical equipment for car electrical system.</div> http://www.wiringharness.org/automotive-junction-box.html Automotive Junction Box http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_g13p1456210264.JPG http://www.wiringharness.org/automotive-junction-box.html Car Electrical Junction Box <img src='productpic/ps_53l51456210288.JPG' /><br>Junction Box<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww">The junction box connected a variety of electronic components in the same location, in order to simplify the structure of car electronic systems in the automotive and it could links these components with difference function at this junction box.<br /></div> http://www.wiringharness.org/car-electrical-junction-box.html Car Electrical Junction Box http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_53l51456210288.JPG http://www.wiringharness.org/car-electrical-junction-box.html Car Relay Box <img src='productpic/ps_tojm1456210403.JPG' /><br>Relay box for TD model<br /> <div id="ggww">Part No.<br /> HR/B2-TD-M<br /> HR/B2-TD-C<br /> <br /> The relay box is used for old car models of CMC (China Motor Corporation) Vans, which is composed of the main body box and the plug holder, and compare to the new car system's of the fuse box or the relay box, it is already belong to an older style box.</div> http://www.wiringharness.org/car-relay-box.html Car Relay Box http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_tojm1456210403.JPG http://www.wiringharness.org/car-relay-box.html Vehicle Relay Box <img src='productpic/ps_kqdz1456210442.jpg' /><br>Relay box for JT41 model<br /> <div id="ggww">Part No. <br /> HR/B2-JT41<br /> HR/B2-JT41-R/H<br /> HR/B2-JT41-COVER<br /> <br /> The reply box located at the fuse box of car central control console to protect the dashboard, instrument panel and related accessories. The most of electrical parts in center control console are protected inside the room for general vehicles, and&nbsp; the failure function could check whether the fuse is meltdown or not.</div> http://www.wiringharness.org/vehicle-relay-box.html Vehicle Relay Box http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_kqdz1456210442.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/vehicle-relay-box.html Automotive Relay Box <img src='productpic/ps_sjw91456210493.jpg' /><br>Relay box for B02A model<br /> <div id="ggww"> Part No.<br /> HR/B-B02A-M<br /> HR/B-B02A-DC<br /> <br /> The relay box applies to the fuse box in engine room for Nissan March car, in order to prevent the burning due to overloading situations generated when the vehicle functional become to failure from the circuit system, you could check this reply in the first when failure. </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/automotive-relay-box.html Automotive Relay Box http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_sjw91456210493.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/automotive-relay-box.html Relay Fuse Box <img src='productpic/ps_8jt51456210524.jpg' /><br>Relay box Assy for SD model<br /> <div id="ggww">Part No.<br /> HR/B-SD-M<br /> HR/B-SD-M1-M<br /> HR/B-SD-M2 <br /> HR/B-SD-UM-M<br /> HR/B-SD-UC-M <br /> GR/B-SD<br /> <br /> Apply to CMC Leadca which is design and developing by China Motor Corporation, the plastic parts and all internal parts and components are injection <!--{$companyname}-->. (eg. the main relay box, upper cover, down cover, interior parts, grommet and including the laser engraving on the cover.)</div> http://www.wiringharness.org/relay-fuse-box.html Relay Fuse Box http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_8jt51456210524.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/relay-fuse-box.html Auto Relay Box <img src='productpic/ps_p6fj1456210579.jpg' /><br>Relay box for SUV &amp; JT41 model<br /> <div id="ggww">Part No. and accessories<br /> HR/B-M<br /> HR/B-M-S<br /> HR/B-M-H1<br /> HR/B-M-H2<br /> HR/B-M-C<br /> HR/B-JT41-C<br /> HR/B-JT41-UC<br /> <br /> The related components are including the retainer, upper cover, lower cover, holder, fuse / relay box and so on. These components are used in relay box for SUV car of Luxgen motor. These are the parts for fuse box which are used in motor vehicle.</div> http://www.wiringharness.org/auto-relay-box.html Auto Relay Box http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_p6fj1456210579.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/auto-relay-box.html Automotive Relay Block <img src='productpic/ps_4p7r1456210614.jpg' /><br>Relay box for AS model<br /> <div id="ggww">Part No.<br /> HR/B-AS-M1<br /> HR/B-AS-M2<br /> HR/B-AS-UCX<br /> <br /> These components are used in the fuse box and the connectors in the engine room for the Zinger of the Mitsubishi Motor. The function of relay box is protecting electrics circuits and systems not to damage when the electric current overloading.</div> http://www.wiringharness.org/automotive-relay-block.html Automotive Relay Block http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_4p7r1456210614.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/automotive-relay-block.html Relay Block <img src='productpic/ps_p1qx1456210636.jpg' /><br>Others Relay Box<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww"> In order to protecting the electric equipments and the safety-related electrical parts in the car and prevent the damaged from short circuit or current overload.<br /> The function is cutting off the power supply to avoid the wire melting or firing due to the high temperature caused by short circuit or current overload of electric system.<br /> </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/relay-block.html Relay Block http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_p1qx1456210636.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/relay-block.html Wire Rubber Grommet <img src='productpic/ps_kqwc1456211318.jpg' /><br>Panel Rubber<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww"> These grommets are used for the related panel and wires, the main function of these grommet are protecting the wires contact to wire area and that also had the waterproof function. Most of this kind of grommet is use to engine room and car door. </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/wire-rubber-grommet.html Wire Rubber Grommet http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_kqwc1456211318.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/wire-rubber-grommet.html Rubber Cap <img src='productpic/ps_lzh51456211355.jpg' /><br>Cap<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww">These kind of ring type caps are use together with battery terminal and which have positive electrode and negative electrode, also these could use for big ring terminal for insulation purpose. Therefore those could against the dust or failure from water spray.<br /></div> http://www.wiringharness.org/rubber-cap.html Rubber Cap http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_lzh51456211355.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/rubber-cap.html Rubber Sleeve <img src='productpic/ps_01p01456211383.jpg' /><br>Sleeve<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww"> The function of these sleeves could prevent the dust into the lead of wires, and avoid the wire fall off or deform problem issued. Also these could prevent the terminal oxidized to cause the contact problem. And that are also could use for flag type terminal. </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/rubber-sleeve.html Rubber Sleeve http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_01p01456211383.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/rubber-sleeve.html Wire Seal <img src='productpic/ps_qr8o1456211402.jpg' /><br>Seal<br /> <br /> <div id="ggww"> These grommet seals/&nbsp; dummy seal/ plug seal usually use with a series of terminals and which could avoid the water flow to inside housing / connector / adopter through the wire to cause the dust, or terminal oxidized to cause the contact problem. </div> http://www.wiringharness.org/wire-seal.html Wire Seal http://www.wiringharness.org/productpic/ps_qr8o1456211402.jpg http://www.wiringharness.org/wire-seal.html